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Tuesday, 15-Apr-2008 08:15
Summary of my 2 weekends

me and hubby brought syahmi to Tasik Cyberjaya as we both would like to go for morning walk...while Syahmi enjoy his playing time at the big playground there...

Then in the afternoon, we brought him to Disney on Ice. Hubby got a cheap ticket for Rink seat... alhamdulillah... tak byk gambar yg dapat di ambil since hubby forgot to charge his flash...huhhuhu...we met Raz & co, Elly & Co and Awin & Co....heheh mcm dtg in a group pulak... sbb duduk kat satu tempat...

Syahmi nak pergi school... insisted to bring his choochoo train si thomas ni... mummy plak dok cakap dgn dia kalau nak bawak jugak, he has to carry it as i do not want him to bring...Syahmi being Syahmi...tetap nak bawak jugak.

Right after class, we went to visit Moon and her new baby girl, Ameera Suffiya...aaa comel nya...moon look healthy and happy, and nampak kurus gitu....

ini la buah hat terbaru Moon and Sutan...Comel amat sey... Syahmi plak had a great time with Isk, main cars...

Last week, a friend of mine Cik Som, invited me and family and other few friends to go makan makan at Bagan Lalang, dia belanja kita org sebab bonus...i've brought along my mum. Syahmi was the happiest kid ...dok main aje...sampai berpeluh2...

All in all, we had a great 2 weekends...

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